The human body is a river of intelligence, energy and information that is constantly renewing itself in every second of its existence




The Harmonic Egg is a relaxation energy chamber which helps bring about a meditative state and a sense of restoration and peacefulness. It allows the body to reset and helps support and regulate the autonomic nervous system in alignment with its natural state of being.

The egg-shaped resonant chamber was created using sacred geometry to focus the frequencies of sound, light and colour as restorative energy for the mind, body and spirit. This unique environment provides a consistent and repeatable experience while promoting a sense of internal balance and well-being.

This innovative technology gives practitioners a tool to provide a relaxation and energy therapy for their clients to help restore, de-stress and relax the body. The Harmonic Egg is also a complementary relaxation modality and works in alignment with traditional treatments as well as other alternative therapies.



  • Regulates and balances the autonomic nervous system

  • Works at a cellular level

  • Helps the immune system 

  • Alleviates stress and physical pain

  • Increases focus, creativity & vitality

  • Improves sleep

  • Balances adrenals

  • Builds self esteem and confidence

  • Communicates with your deep subconscious

  • Regulates blood pressure

  • Deeper feelings of peace and joy

  • Elevates energy levels 

  • Supports emotional and mental well-being

  • Activates higher states of consciousness


Relax in the zero gravity chair inside the light filled chamber. The door then closes and you will experience a blissful 50 minutes of deepening relaxation while being enveloped in the resonant vibrations of sound and coloured light. Throughout the session, the natural sound and light frequencies re-establish harmony and balance within your body’s nervous system.

For many clients, several sessions in the chamber of the Harmonic Egg provides a complete system reset, which can result in many benefits, such as regulating the autonomic nervous system, alleviating stress and pain, improving sleep and increasing focus, creativity and vitality.

  • One 3.35m x 3.35m x 2.1m Harmonic Egg with a zero-gravity reclining chair. The room size should be a minimum of 3.6m x 3.6m, but 4.2m x 4.2m is best.​

  • A quality sound system and proprietary music.

  • LED light system with variable coloured lights.

  • Crating, shipping, and installation in the buyer’s location.

  • On-site training.

  • Harmonic Egg manual and required reading list.

  • On-going support through advertising on the corporate site and an owner’s video call every 6-8 weeks where owners can ask questions and share helpful information with other owners.

  • 1-Year Warranty on the Harmonic Egg structure.





Sales Agent and Installer (Australasia)

During the past 11 years Jo has run a successful design business in Melbourne, Australia while actively pursuing her growing interest in the infinite potential of the human mind and body as well as its capacity for healing and growth. She has explored ways in which we can all improve our lives through non-traditional methods including the power of manifestation which is what she strongly believes brought Gail and the Harmonic Egg into her life. 

As the sales agent for Harmonic Egg Australasia, Jo will be coordinating each egg order between the purchaser and Harmonic Egg in the US. She will also be organising the delivery of each egg from port to site throughout Australia and New Zealand as well as completing the installation and training with her fiance John. John is a qualified electrician & tradesman and is one of Harmonic Egg's trained and certified installers. 

Please don’t hesitate to request information regarding the Harmonic Egg investment opportunity or email through any questions you may have. Jo and John very much look forward to hearing from you and potentially working with you in the near future. 



If you would like to receive the Investment Package or you have questions regarding the Harmonic Egg, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Melbourne, Australia

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